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Health Program Coordinator

Graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Medicine and recieved MSc degree from Hacettepe University Medical Faculty Department of Public Health. Between 1987-1989, she worked as a general practitioner in Mother Child Health and Family Planning Center, in Muş province  located in eastern anatolia. 

She started to work at the Turkish Ministry of Health  General Directorate of Mother Child Health and Family Planning. Worked as the Section Director for Child Health  from 1989-1994 with the responsibility of Planning-implementation-supervision-evaluation-financial management of National Child Health Programmes then became Section Director Women’s Health and Family Planning from 1994-2003 with the responsibility of Planning-implementation-supervision-evaluation of National Family Planning Programme, conduct the official approval procedures for all imported contraceptives; coordination of activities implemented through world bank project in 33 east-southeast provinces; and management of projects with GTZ, USAID, Johns Hopkins University affiliate JHPEIGO and JHU/PCS, as well as JICA, UNFPA, UNICEF and WHO.

Later she was promoted and worked as acting Head of  Reproductive Health Training and Advocacy Department  at the same Directorate during 2003- 2011 with the responsibility of Planning- implementation-supervision-evaluation-of national  reproductive health  and assisted reproductive technology programme including certification process of in-service clinical-skills trainings for medical doctors.
She was also lead the team at the Ministry to improve the capacity of Civil Society Organizations that facilitate the establishment a network on reproductive and sexual health with 14 different CSOs(2007).
Over 25 years, she has worked in the field on improving health care services to women, children and disadvantaged groups under the guidance of internationally aggreed documentsand declarations such as   Convention on the Rights of the Child, The Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) CEDAW, International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD), Cairo, Egypt ICPD, Fouth World Conference on Women, Beijing
Her areas of interest are welbeing of children and women within the frame of international conventions,  and health promotion including adult learning  and policy and strategy development. 

Since the September 2011, she is working as  programme  coordinator at International Children’s  Center. 
Selected Publications:
• “Public Sector and Civil Society:Forgiving a Powerful Partnership in SRH and Rights in Turkey” KÖSELİ A.,Atabaş S.,Esin S.,Ulular M.,Thapa P.,EntreNous No 65,2007, p. 21-24
• “Maternal Mortality and morbidity in Turkey”, KÖSELİ A., J. Perinat. Med. 29 (2201) Suppl. II, IXth Congress of European Society for the Study & Prevention of Infant Death Prenatal health Care and postnatal Development, İstanbul Turkey (2001). 
• “Putting ICPD Plan of action to Work: Turkey women’s health tops the Agenda”, Akın A. and KÖSELİ A., Entrenous No 28-29, May 1995, p.6-7.
• “A Practical Guide for Hypothermia” handbook for health care providers at primary health care level, translated from WHO publication and published by MoH-UNFPA
• Maternal Health” Handbook for Midwifery Schools, Som-Gür Yayıncılık, (1993)
• “The Effect of Education on knowledge-attitude-practice (KAP) of blue-collard workers” unpublished MSc Thesis

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