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“Early and Forced Marriages” was presented at the MUNESCO Conference

Advocacy of an ICC’s project called “Early and Forced Marriages” was carried out at the MUNESCO (Model United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) conference held on 19-22 February 2014 in BLIS (Bilkent Laboratory and International School). The theme of the conference was; "Unity in Diversity”, aims to find mutual grounds in which participants can come up with effective resolutions for the present problems.   

International Children’s Center was invited to speak about “Early and Forced Marriages” in the Special Focus (Human Rights) agenda of the conference. Prof. Tomris Türmen, president of ICC, presented the subject which covered health consequences of early and forced marriage as well as striving for changes in the legal system to students from all around the world. You may reach a news about the presentation from here.

Over 500 students and academicians participated to the 4-day conference. You may find further information about the conference from here.

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