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Grundtvig Learning Partnerships: “Creating Safety in times of Crisis / Life Changing situations” Meeting

Since the year 2000, the EU Grundtvig action has offered a framework and financial support for European cooperation in the field of Lifelong Learning and Adult Education. The overall objective is to strengthen the quality, relevance and European perspective of adult education and learning practices through European cooperation and exchanges.

The aim of the Grundtvig program is to address the teaching and learning needs of institutions and individuals involved in adult education. In particular, it aims to respond to the challenge of an ageing population and to provide pathways for adults to improve their knowledge and competences.

In 2008, International Children’s Center (ICC) joined Grundtvig Partnership Project for the first time in order to learn about mother centers in Europe. The aim of the project was to monitor these centers and evaluate whether they can be adapted to Turkish culture. In cooperation with Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, during the project the first mother center was established in Gaziantep. Since then, 2 more mother centers were founded.

Main theme of the project is to strengthen families, mother centers and networks about making safer spaces, identifying obstacles and shortcomings and learn how to support better each other.  In order to ensure these, partners will discuss on certain topics and will share knowledge and experience. Topics are shared between the partners. Every partner will hold two topics throughout the project period and will host other countries for discussions. The debates and discussions will be executed through both internet and mobility.

The first meeting of the partnership took place on 28-30 November, 2013 in Warsaw, Poland. Partners from Austria, Slovakia, Turkey, Germany, and Poland participated in the discussions on “Making the Mother Center into a safe public living room”. Countries shared experiences and knowledge about safety of mother centers.

The second meeting of the partnership was organized in Ankara, Turkey on 28-30 January, 2014. The theme of this meeting was “Creating Safety in times of Crisis / life changing situations”. Country discussions carried out by the partners to learn whether women are aware of what to do in times of crisis and how they survive. The sub-theme of this meeting was Domestic Violence which is a global crime.

18 participants from five countries (Turkey, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Holland) participated to this meeting.

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