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“National Platform against Child Marriages”, which ICC is a member of, visited to the Minister of Family And Social Policies

Representatives of “National Platform against Child Marriages”,  which ICC is a member of, founded on 11 October 2013 on the International Day of the Girl Child, visited to Ms Ayţenur Ýslam, who is a new Minister of Family and Social Policies.

In the visit, the Minister said that, her statement about “child marriages are innocent act” in the media was misunderstood. She actually meant that, child marriages happen due to lack of awareness of parents who were also victim of child marriages. The minister pointed out the swift action is necessary for tackling down this issue and the Ministry is ready to cooperate with the platform.

The other subjects of the visit are; activities of Early Marriage Prevention Unit and the draft of law on child neglect and abuse which is currently under discussion at the Great National Assembly of Turkey.

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