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Our President Was Elected As A Chairperson To EACHR

Our president Professor Tomris Türmen was elected as a chairperson to European Advisory Committee on Health Research (EACHR) for 3 years in the recent meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 2–3 May 2013.

Key tasks of EACHR are; looking at health research in Europe, and finding the gaps and missed chances to take research findings into account when drafting policy. Comprising senior academics and influential researchers, EACHR advises the WHO Regional Director for Europe on the strategic direction for research in the WHO European Region

EACHR redefined its objectives and established a work plan for 2013–2014 in the meeting, agreeing to focus more closely on areas such as:

  • reviewing the scientific basis of some WHO/Europe programmes and priorities;
  • advising on new research findings on priority public health issues, and effective strategies and policies to address them;
  • facilitating dialogue and interaction among research bodies and funding agencies to exchange information and address evidence gaps in priority areas such as noncommunicable diseases; and
  • supporting the development of potential and capability for research nationally and regionally, with particular focus on the eastern part of the Region.
“Setting the work plan and objectives for this year and next has given the committee a new lease of life. It has focused our attention on the areas where our expertise can really add value, and where research investment needs to be made,” commented our President Professor Tomris Türmen in the meeting.

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