WHO is working to protect your most precious possession - your health
News Date: 16 July 2018 Monday

July 11 The World Population Day
News Date: 11 July 2018 Wednesday

WHO study shows drug could save thousands of women's lives
News Date: 02 July 2018 Monday

Immunizations increase human lifespan
News Date: 01 June 2018 Friday

Immunization saves 3 million lifes every year
News Date: 26 April 2018 Thursday

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International Children’s Center continues its activities without slowing down in December
ICC continues its training and workshops in December to contribute a society where each individual will enjoy fully his rights and freedoms and benefit from good health and well being.
A one-week “Training of Trainers Course on Sexual and Reproductive Health” training course was organized by the International Children’s Center at the request of the UNFPA Eastern Europe and Central Asia Regional Office on 04-10 December. The Course aimed to improve the training skills and knowledge of participants who work with most-at-risk young people. A total of 21 service providers from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan completed the training and were certified as “Trainer”.
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In the framework of “the Protection of Children from Violence in SE Europe” which is being carried out with UNICEF Turkey Office one day workshop organized to gather views of different disciplines to identify monitoring indicators on 12 December. 40 NGOs representatives participated to the event.
“The Preparation Meeting for Facilitators on Training Mid-Level Managers about Immunization” of 15 facilitators will be carried out for 6 days on 17-21 December. During the training, facilitators will discuss and seek for consensus on the techniques and principles to be utilized throughout the adult learning sessions. During this meeting modules and the learning materials will be reviewed and tested. The objective of this meeting is to finalize the materials for the training of Mid-Level Managers for National Coordinators from Eastern Europe, the Balkans and South Caucasus and the Commonwealth of Independent States.
Our president, Prof Tomris Turmen participated to the Expert Group Meeting on “where is ICPD in 2015” organized by UNECE and UNFPA on 06 December 2012. As a NGO our Center work for reproduction health and rights, and will carry on contributing to establishment of new policies for 2015 vision.
World Health Organization (WHO) continues its effort to improve training methodologies. Our Center contributes to WHO’s aim to improve knowledge and skills of the health service staff who deals with a large number of people. In this aspect, and a Literature Review on Cascade Strategy was conducted by ICC and also the Expert Consultation Meeting on Training Methodologies realized in ICC premises.
Please click for the Literature Review on Cascade Strategy (English)
Please click for the Report and the list of participant of The Expert Consultation (English)

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