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ICC contributes to the 2013-2018 Development Plan of Turkey

ICC contributes to the 2013-2018 Development Plan of Turkey, September 12-13 2012, November 5-6 2012, Ankara 

Since the beginning of 2012, Ministry of Development has been facilitating a participatory consultation process for developing preparatory reports which will help shape the 2013-2018 Development Plan of Turkey. ICC has been playing an instrumental role in preparations of the sectorial reports in two distinct areas: children and women’s health.

ICC contributed to the sectorial report for children in the development plan through provision of fundamental information on children’s rights and writing of a section in the report on Turkey’s international legal obligations towards children in country’s development.

ICC has been leading the sectorial report for women’s health. At least 20 experts are working to complete the report. The Report will show the consequences of gender inequality on health issues. The development report will be constructed on Women’s challenges on health problems. The expert working group is working the current situation, problems and solutions on Women’s health comparing with LBT and men’s health in the world and in Turkey.  

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