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World Birth Defects Day 2018

March 3rd 2018 is the 4th Edition of the World Birth Defects Day (WBDD).

The vision for WBDD is to raise birth defects awareness.

Birth defects impact millions of families and a sustained focus is needed to support research, prevention, treatment and services.

Birth Defects 2018



Every year, about 3-6% of infants worldwide are born with a serious birth defect. Learn more about birth defects.

Birth defects are common, costly, and critical. Most of us have been touched by someone living with a birth defect—a family member, friend, or neighbor.

The Zika virus disease outbreak and its impact on birth defects have emphasized the need for and benefits of international collaboration and communication about birth defects prevention.


The goal of the 2017 Campaign on Thunderclap was met and we exceeded our expectations -Many thanks to the Participating Organizations (a total of 77) in the 2017 Edition of the WBDD and to all those who joined us in celebrating the Day

The organizers for the World Birth Defects Day have already started the work for the 2018 Edition of the WBDD for March 03. If your institution works with birth defects (E.g. Birth Defects Professional Organization-including Birth Defects Surveillance Program, Birth Defects Parents/Supporters Organization, Government Institution, City Council, Healthcare Professional, Hospital, School / University, For-profit Organization) and are interested to become a participating entity for the WBDD please use the attached application form “WBDD Participating Organization”.

Please remember that to observe the WBDD is mandatory to be proactive, particularly:


  • Support Thunderclap campaign - it will be launched at a later time
  • Inform the organization’s members/associates about WBDD and encourage them to promote WBDD, particularly sending messages through social accounts (preferred Twitter) and participating to the Buzz Day on March 3.
  • Post an announcement with the WBDD logo on your Web presence (website, Facebook page) – see attached WBDD logo (.jpg file)
  • Promote WBDD via social media, particularly through Twitter


  • Organize a Scientific Conference, a Face-to-face training course for professionals, an Online course for professionals, an Educational meeting for the general public, a Press conference
  • Publish Articles on birth defects on magazines or newspapers, News story featuring a family’s story or other topic, post one more videos on YouTube on any birth defects topic for professionals, in any language, post one or more videos on YouTube on any birth defects topic for general public, in any language
  • Organize one or more days of an “Open Telephone Consultation” on any topic related to birth defects, organize any community-based activity (e.g., marathon, sports competition) promoting WBDD

Nevertheless, these are just examples, but there are many other possibilities

You can obtain relevant materials at the following links:

Application Form to be recognized as “2018 Participating Organization of World Birth Defects Day”

List of Participating Organizations UPDATED February 20, 2017

WBDD 2017 Toolkit

Official WBDDay Logo

WBDD Charter document(PDF)

Use of New Media for Public Health Messaging: presentation by SalimahWalani at the ICBDSR Annual Meeting, 2015 (PDF)

For more information on the World Birth Defects Day,

For more information on birth defects (congenital anomalies), visit:


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