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Committee Visit of Judges of Greece and Spanish Government’s and Ministry of Justice’s to International Children’s Center

International Children's Center (ICC) hosted a committee which consists of Spanish and Greek Judges within the context of the “Strengthening the Rights of Victims in the Criminal Justice System" Project that carried out by sub-branch of The General Directorate of Criminal Affairs of the Ministry of Justice and Kingdom of Spain, Department of Victim Rights. Kingdom of Spain represented by Judges, Mr. Silvia Canton, Ms. Jose Maria Asencio, Mr. Alfonso Aliaga and Greece Government were represented by Judge Ms. Kelly Theologitou. The project’s Turkish partner, Ministry of Justice is represented by Ms. Þebnem Saylýk who is a social worker at Department of Victim Rights.

The subject of the visit is to evaluate the level of coordination between NGOs and justice system in terms of women and children victims’ rights. The main objective of the visit is to gaining insight about the service of NGOs for victims in justice system as well as the collaboration level between public institutions and NGOs in order to prevent violence against children and women. In this regard, project aims to enhance victim rights in the Turkish criminal justice system and to ameliorate the standards of services offered to the victims.

Prof. Dr. Tomris Türmen, The President of the International Children's Center, highlighted that ICC serve the victims through various projects and collaborate with municipalities and bar associations.

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