Vaccinating against Cervical Cancer
News Date: 07 March 2018 Wednesday

The UN Secretary-General's Message on International Women's Day
News Date: 07 March 2018 Wednesday

News Date: 07 March 2018 Wednesday

Bridges of Cooperation Were Built Between Civil Society and Private Sector for the Protection of Children in Travel and Tourism!
News Date: 05 March 2018 Monday

Vacancy Announcement: Project Assistant
News Date: 26 February 2018 Monday

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Continuous Paediatrics Training Completes 3rd Year!

The Continuous Pediatrics Training for Family Health Physicians and Family Health Workers” programme, which was launched by International Children’s Center in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, the Universities, International Organizations and the Private Sector in 2012, has reached 3.282 health workers in 17 cities in its third year.

Prof. Dr. Saadet Arsan (Ankara University Medical Faculty)
Prof. Dr. Sevtap Güney (Akdeniz University Medical Faculty)

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