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Immunization saves 3 million lifes every year
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European Immunization Week 23–29 April 2018
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The TEN STEPS to Successful Breastfeeding
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“One in Five Campaign” Publications

The Council of Europe launched a campaign in 2010 to stop sexual violence against children in Europe linked to the Council of Europe Convention on the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse (The Lanzarote Convention).  The Council of Europe campaign uses available data that suggest that about 1 in 5 children in Europe are victims of some form of sexual violence. Therefore, the campaign is named as One in Five Campaign. It is estimated that in 70% to 85% of cases, the abuser is somebody the child knows and trusts. Child sexual violence can take many forms: sexual abuse within the family circle, child pornography and prostitution, corruption, solicitation via Internet and sexual assault by peers. 

The campaign is run by International Children’s Center (ICC) since June 2013 in Turkey. A number of publications have been developed / adopted during the campaign. You may reach the publications (in Turkish) from here.

Campaign Publications:

  1. Handbook For Parliamentarians; The Council Of Europe Convention On The Protection Of Children Against Sexual Exploitation And Sexual Abuse (Lanzarote Convention)
  2. Compendium Of Action And Good Practices (2011-2013); Of The Parliamentary Assembly Of The Council Of Europe And The European Network Of Parliamentarians Involved In The Council Of Europe ONE In FIVE Campaign To Stop Sexual Violence Against Children
  3. Policy Note For Preventing Sexual Violence
  4. Towns And Regions Handbook; A Pact To Stop Sexual Violence Against Children
  5. A Systematic Review Of The Research On Sexual Exploitation And Sexual Abuse Of Children In Turkey
  6. Factsheet On Impact, Extent, Effects Of Sexual Abuse Against Young Children In Turkey
  7. "Kiko And The Hand" Children Book
  8. "Kiko And The Hand" Children Book Short Guide
  9. Campaign Brochure
  10. Underwear Rule Guide
  11. "Kiko And The Hand" Posters
  12. "Kiko And The Hand" Postcards
  13. Lanzarote Convention Brochure
  14. Towns And Regions Brochure; A Pact To Stop Sexual Violence Against Children
  15. Cybercrime Convention Brochure
  16. Human Trafficking Convention Brochure

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