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ICC Baku Branch Immunization Training, 17 November 2014

It has been established that timely vaccination protects children from an early age and prevents disease outbreaks. In the developed countries, investigators have concluded that the primary cause for epidemics of vaccine preventable diseases was failure to provide vaccines on schedule. Delayed immunization schedule is partly due to ineffective provider practices which lead to missed opportunities for vaccination. Conventional wisdom holds that missed opportunity for vaccination is the single most important cause of low vaccination levels.

Thus in a one day workshop was organized to address the  issues related to a routine immunization clinic encounter: patient intake and screening, vaccine administration, vaccine management, documentation, vaccine adverse events management and reporting, and resources for pediatricians practicing in Baku, Azerbaijan area in coordination with Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan and Affiliation Center of ICC in Baku. 32 pediatricians were participated to the workshop.

Dr.Nasip Gulayev (Chief Pediatrician, Advisor for the Minister of Health, Head of Baku Pediatrics Hospital) addressed the importance of providing vaccines on schedule and of lowering the missed opportunities to protect children against vaccine preventable diseases and the role of pediatricians for the success of immunization programmes.  

Though this workshop addresses the knowledge gap related to the routine immunization clinic encounter in the context of recommended standards of practice for patient intake and screening was addressed by Ass.Prof.Sevtap Güney (Akdeniz University Medical Faculty, Department of Pediatrics, Antalya-Turkey).

The communication strategies for parents who have questions or concerns about vaccines was disscussed by Prof. Selda Bülbül (Kırıkkale University Medical Faculty, Department of Pediatrics, Kırıkkale-Turkey).

The common immunization practice errors related to vaccine administration and vaccine storage and handling, and the importance of staff orientation and development was discussed by Dr. Guljan Dönmez (Provincial Health Directorate, Manisa-Turkey) and Dr. Arzu Köseli (Senior expert, ICC, Ankara-Turkey).

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