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C - Monitoring and Reporting Implementation of CRC


The Child Rights Monitoring and Reporting Website, which was established in 2007 with support from the European Union, was redesigned and continues to provide all stakeholders with information regarding the implementation of the CRC in Turkey through media screening of daily events, provision of timely important literature and good practices to the Turkish audience in an easily accessible format online: This website “fills a knowledge gap in the field of child rights in Turkey” as its users put it. A number of NGOs started using the website and its example of following the news media to monitor the implementation of the CRC in Turkey in their reports and advocacy activities. Children and parents who have concerns reach out to ICC through the website to seek solutions to their problems. ICC started providing limited referral service to such cases linking victims of child abuse to relevant Bar Associations in Turkey. 

These reports of violence against children coming directly from children and parents resulted in the creation of a new reporting and monitoring tool n 2010: Violence against Children Reporting and Monitoring Map. The map is created using the Ushahidi platform ( to crowd-source information collection, visualization and interactive mapping through involvement of children and concerned adults in reporting violence they witness or see in the news media. With such a mapping tool, one can also see the hotspots where crimes and violence against children are happening in Turkey and trends about when such incidents happen.


Daily news articles on children’s rights in Turkey and major
international developments regarding international human rights monitoring bodies can be reached at the Child Rights Monitoring and Reporting Website.

One other objective of this map is to introduce Turkish NGOs and other institutions to this tool so they can use it in their work for the benefit of children they serve. A number of NGOs have already indicated their interest in employing this tool for mapping children’s needs in their neighborhoods.

Together with the Human Rights Joint Platform, ICC participated in the drafting of the State of Children’s Rights Turkish NGO Report to be submitted to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child in 2011. The report was prepared with an online reporting tool and reports published by NGOs. It was presented to the UN Committee in October 2011. Upon this report, the Committee prepared a list of issues (questions) which was sent to the Turkish government. The Turkish government will have a session of constructive dialogue with the Committee in mid-2012. ICC is also involved in the initial government reporting to the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. ICC will contribute to NGO reports on the same issue and children’s civil and political rights in 2012.

A snapshot of the Violence against Children Reporting and Monitoring Map. The incidences of violation of child rights are reviewed andcategorized into 13 topics and marked on the map. Detailed reports can be created by various criteria such as age groups, geographiclocation and a specific violation of a right.

Mapping in the Efforts to Establish a 

Database on Child Brides/Early and 

Forced Marriages in Turkey

Since August 2011, ICC has been screening a total ofnine daily newspapers with a circulation of 100,000or more in order to collect news on early and forcedmarriages happening in Turkey. According to CRC,persons under the age of 18 are considered to be children and marriages consummated before the age
of maturity are called early marriages. In the absenceof dependable statistics and data on the prevalenceof early marriages, especially among young girls,
mapping and reporting of news on early marriages will be a valuable resource in addressing the extent of early marriages as a violation of rights of the child.

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